Each Retropose accessory starts from an emotion that takes shape throught poetry of design, attention to details and the wisdom of handmade production, Made in Italy.

Contemporary moulds that undermine tradition clichés so to return to the material the vitality of the laboratory and the quality of an authentic style.

Vertebrate is a new handmade “knot” leather process, patented by the two founders of Retropose. This application characterizes their entire creative idea and production. The manual twist for every leather strip is the soul and symbol of the creative process concept, from the design to the prototype.

At Retropose it is possible what’s impossible in other places: customize every single detail, allowing the client to actually be an essential key to the creative process, while respecting the shapes created by the designers. This consents a thorough and unique experience to the acquisition of a tailor made product.


Retropose boutique
Via del Pellegrino, 60
00186 — Roma

Mon - Sat, 10am - 1pm /
2pm - 7:30pm

Sunday, 12am - 2pm /
3pm - 7:30pm

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